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Security Researcher

Experience Required:

0 - 1 year experience in Security Research

Job Description:

Security Brigade is looking for a Security Researcher to work on our product (ShadowMap & Lemon) and contribute with research and data analysing.


  • Apply your analytical knowledge and understanding of threat actors and attack vectors to proactively surface, analyze, and investigate malware, phishing, mobile, brand, vulnerability, and threat incidents to deliver tactical threat intelligence.
  • Produce short form intelligence deliverables for use in customer briefings, trainings, and public facing blog posts.
  • Assist in training our detection models to identify malicious webpages and mitigating false positives across our detection mechanisms.
  • Ability to work across a cross functional and distributed team of engineers, data scientists, security researchers, and analysts to deliver new capabilities and reporting.
  • Excellent analytical skills and ability to identify patterns and trends.
  • Strong research skills, data knowledge, and ability to analyze and present complex data in a meaningful way.
  • Able to perform well under stress, particularly in critical response situations.
  • Strong understanding of Cyber Security, modern security problems and threat landscape, Operating Systems (internals), computer networking concepts..
  • Conducting research, collecting & analyzing data and evaluating intelligence, identifying patterns and trends and developing appropriate strategies.
  • Ability to work across a cross functional teams to deliver.
Workplace Perks

  • Technically oriented workplace, work on a variety of interesting and challenging modules and projects, surrounded by hackers, coders and geeks.
  • Casual clothes
  • Team environment, collaborative learning environment, transparent communications
  • Generally fun environment with lots of LAN gaming and hackathons in off hours :)
  • Opportunity to advance career at growing company always looking for emerging leaders
About ShadowMap

ShadowMap is a new product offering developed by Security Brigade with the goal of ensuring that an organization is never surprised by the applications and services exposed. Most organizations today are breaching the traditional perimeter and using a combination of mobile, private/public cloud, co-location services. As such we have found that most organizations are not fully aware of the various applications and services they are exposing. As an attacker, such exposures provide low hanging fruit to target and use as an entry point to compromise the organization.

Our ShadowMap product uses our proprietary process to scan all 4 billion IP addresses in the world every single day and maintain a current database of all publicly exposed applications around the world. In-addition to this, it uses a 20 step the process to further identify even more exposures, classify risks and present a realistic image of the organization's application and service exposures. Typically our ShadowMap product is able to identify all domains, IP ranges, subdomains used by an organization. It further detects all exposed applications and categorizes them by functionality and risk.
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About Security Brigade

Security Brigade is a pure-play information security consulting firm specializing in delivering high quality services through expert driven manual testing. Founded on the core belief that "Great audits are done by great auditors - not expensive tools", Security Brigade's approach is built around strong processes that enable auditors to conduct in-depth manual security audits.

Security Brigade is based out of Mumbai, India and was founded in December 2006. It conducts thousands of audits a year for organizations such as: MakeMyTrip, Network 18, Tata Group, HDFC, Vodafone, IRDA, Reliance Money, Netmagic Solutions among many others.
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